Gemsco is a new kind of educational enterprise in China, whose aim is to provide the best of Western and Chinese education to the nursery children under its care. Its Chinese owners have themselves had an international education - from Beijing to Oxford, from Shanghai to MIT - and their experience will help to nurture a unique series of schools in China, helping the children as they grow to become global citizens.

Gemsco Child

Gemsco’s Vision

To provide a uniquely creative and nurturing environment in which each and every child is encouraged to fulfill their potential; to learn to be confident, emotionally intelligent, inventive and thoughtful members of the community, both developing an independent spirit and contributing positively to the wider community.

Gemsco’s Mission Statement

  • 1. To nurture and develop the creative potential of each child, through play, learning and practical activities
  • 2. To provide a pleasurable and happy learning environment where the children can learn together as well as independently
  • 3. To welcome parents into the school as collaborators with the teachers in their children’s development
  • 4. To help the children to begin to think and feel internationally through daily life in the school and through possible visits to schools outside China
  • 5. To provide an environment where emotional intelligence plays as vital a role as the acquisition of knowledge
  • 6. To provide an optimal ratio between teachers and children to ensure that each child is given the time they need to develop their potential.
Gemsco Classroom

Gemsco’s Partners

Gemsco works with a number of important nursery schools in China, including in top tier cities, from Beijing to Shanghai, from Chengdu to Yangzhou.

Gemsco's Team

The founder and CEO of Gemsco is Ye Ling, a Chinese, Oxford-educated entrepreneur who has successfully launched and sustained several media companies with educational inflections. Born into a family of professors and educators, he is committed to developing a world-class education system to help China’s future generations take their place on the world stage. A major investor in Gemsco is the Chinese company Legend, best known in the West as the parent company of the technology giant Lenovo.

Legend Holdings

Gemsco's Advisory Board includes Chinese, European and US nationals, including Philip Dodd, formerly visiting professor at King's College London, award-winning BBC broadcaster and author of numerous books, and Peter Horbye who has more than 30 years background in multi faceted investments from International Debt Capital Markets, Proprietary Trading to early VC start-ups and has experience in working as an investor in the Asian Pacific region.

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